Wunderfit is not clothing or a wellness brand, instead it serves as a medium of knowledge transfer about health and its importance that needs to be considered and followed in choosing any of the clothing materials, even the lingerie and about wearing the right sizes of them.

Wunderfit aims at making lingerie shopping a pleasurable experience by making perfectly fitted inner wear affordable, accessible and available in the best quality. Women still tend to wear the wrong size of bra for various reasons as listed in this info graphic, wearing the right size of bra is essential not only to look good and feel confident but to avoid issues such as back pain, sagging breasts and shoulder pain due to ill-fitted bras.

Wunderfit is the First Direct Selling Company in India involved in the distribution of High Quality products ranging from Inner Wear to health and wellness products for the whole family. Being driven mostly by Women Entrepreneurs it aims at empowering women to build strong foundations for themselves and become Financially Independent.


Wunderfit is India’s the first-ever line of premium wellness-infused wearables. It all started with an idea of promoting a health-conscious lifestyle for men, women and kids alike. Along with this, what Wunderfit envisions is a society where speaking of comfort does not remain a taboo!

With hopes to push the boundaries that constrain confidence and well-being, we, at Wunderfit, emphasis on the right size, not only for women, but also for men. Donning the right fit makes a lot of difference and brings many benefits. We implement it as our vision and are educating others on the same.

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Our Success Story

Nani Maya was the very first car bonus achiever as well as house bonus achiever in India for Wunderfit. Nani is a very enterprising lady who despite being a homemaker with 2 children, has been building this business successfully and profitably. In the past one and a half years she has supported multiple women achieve their dreams and helped them reach their aspirations with her gentle support and strong will.

Nani Maya
Nani Maya

Crown Director

Neha is the first car bonus achiever from southern India, she is also the first lady to be eligible for the royalty bonus this year. Neha is an exceptional individual when it comes to organizing house events and group events, she has a huge community following in her footsteps wanting to become just like her and achieve success. She is an expert at explaining product details and always ensures clarity in her communication leading to a very persuasive sales pitch.

Neha Patil
Neha Patil

Star Director

Michi is a very outgoing, supportive husband who became a gold director by just wanting to support his wife build her Wunderfit business. His achievement is testament that this business is not only restricted to women but men can build it as easily as women too.

Michi Kojing
Michi Kojing

Gold Director

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Wunderfit is on a mission! We not only sell awesome, health-friendly and eco-friendly products but also disseminate knowledge about the same. We are more than a business. We are educators, building opportunities and dispelling taboos.

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