Elegance begins with the right choices!

What enhances elegance? Comfort and, of course, elegance. Step into the world gracefully every day, with the right fashion, right fabric and right fit.

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With Wunderfit, comfort is the new normal od styling. We blend fashion and functionality to bring to you an array of products that are healthy, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Dive into wellness with us.

Wearable Wellness

Environment - Friendly Fabric

We take feeling comfortable very seriously and hence ensure all the material used in our products are the best of quality, ensuring smooth breathable feel against your skin, but also environmentally responsible. Micro Modal is a fabric which is has the following properties:
Anti - Pilling
5X Sweat Absorbent
Ultra Soft

Why Wunderfit?

Regular Problems of Bra

Bra Riding Up
In The Back
Bra Straps
Hurting / Sliping Off

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Wunderfit is on a mission! We not only sell awesome, health-friendly and eco-friendly products but also disseminate knowledge about the same. We are more than a business. We are educators, building opportunities and dispelling taboos.

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