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A Brassier Is Not Just About The Look

What is a bra? a garment to enhance a woman’s body? Or a tool to help support the body to allow her to go about the whole day with comfort and ease? Does the bra also have any other benefits rather than ensuring modesty and providing coverage under outer garments? An ill fitted bra can cause back pain due to short back straps, or pointy hooks.

The wrong sized bra can also cause pain and irritation around the under bust and on the shoulders. A loose bra on the other hand can cause sagging of breast tissue and harm due to improper support. Underwired bra have been known to cause even cuts and bruises. So how can one ensure to buy the right size of bra and what are the reasons why women do not get access to one.

There are many reasons why women do not get the best sizes for themselves.

1) Not being aware of their own size:

Non – availability of sizing chart Information- A few years earlier, information wasn’t as easily available as it is now. A bra size is made up of 2 components:

  • The Band size: This is the size of the strap which goes under the bust and defines the breadth of the rib cage where the brassier has to sit


  • The Bust size: This is the cup size and is arrived as based on the measurements of the band size and a few more calculations. For a more detailed explanation please read out blog on the
    “Bra Size Calculator”

2) Not being able to locate comfortable bras online/offline:

There are many vendors selling lingerie today but not all of them have the right merchandise to suit the Indian woman’s body. Once a purchase is made online and also in many offline stores, there is rarely a good consultation made to suit your needs.

No-one measures you for your under bust or cup size and you cannot have a trial before deciding on which product to purchase.

3) Social challenges in trying to purchase innerwear from a local store with mainly male sales personnel:

While many women have grown up in an era where closet needs were something that were not spoken of aloud and where sizes were kept hidden, it is important to remember that closet needs are a basic requirement and adequately sized lingerie is crucial to your own health and wellness.

The Wunderfit network operates on the concept of women helping other women innerwear essentials in an easy manner with a lot of empathy and mutual support

4) Intent to look fuller in the bust area prompts women to purchase smaller and hence incorrectly sized bras.

This can actually work out in the exact opposite way especially inadequately sized bras are worn for an extended period of time. Wearing the wrong sized bra can put extreme pressure on both your spinal cord and nerves which can lead to aches, pains, a bad posture and most importantly the feeling of uneasiness and significant discomfort.

Tighter bras can limit the blood supply towards the breast tissue and can cause even more serious illnesses such a breast lumps and swelling, the important point to note is that there are many reasons why women do not remember their exact bar size since it is ever changing.

All in all understanding that your body and your health depend on being comfortable with your inner garments are crucial steps to leading a healthy life.

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