80% of Women do not know that there is a ‘right size’. Out of the 20% that know too, only 1 in 5 are wearing the right size, whereas the rest play ignorant and still wear the wrong one because they are either ‘shy’ to speak or shunned from speaking! Also, a whopping 26% wear the wrong cup size. The statistics are rather disappointing given that these are the reasons why women suffer from bad breast health.

Over the decades we have seen women taking the step forward and coming to lead across industries. While this is the case, we have also seen issues such as menstrual hygiene, women’s nutrition and mental health come to the forefront. However, there still remains an issue, widely sidelined and ignored that matters to every woman – THE BRA SIZE!

A taboo that has come about because speaking about breast size is rather ‘shameless’, it remains to be one of the major factors hindering the health of women. Yes. Because wearing an ill-fitting bra does more than cause uncomfort.

Whereas lack of awareness about the existence of ‘the right size bra’ is one hindrance, lack of knowledge about ‘the right type of bra’ causes problems, too!

8 out of 10 women are absolutely clueless about the facts like how the cups are supposed to fit, how the bra straps are supposed to rest on their shoulders, how often the size changes and why they change etc. It is high time that we think, talk and educate!

For any clothing that goes on to your body, it is imperative to check what material and the size you wear,  especially your underwear that acts as a second skin of your body, being closest to your skin needs more scrutiny about the fitting, material and the usage. 

For instance, let’s understand the impact of wearing a wrong size bra

Wearing a wrong size bra is not only about discomfort but may lead to breast pain and other serious breast issues as mentioned below. 

>> Breast skin damage due to lack of right breast support provided by the wrong fitting bras cause stretch marks.

>> Wrong fitting bras will also cause other discomfort and soreness like neck ache, shoulder ache and backache.

>> Abrasion of the wrong fitted bras on the skin will cause skin abrasions and other skin irritation.

>> They also cause lasting changes to the body such as cleavage wrinkles, skin inflammation, deep grooves caused by the pressure of the bra straps etc., 

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